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  • 8.30.2013

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    A long time ago Celina from Petit a Petit posted about Kallio, and I immediately pinned their shirt pants. I LOVED everything about them. I soon forgot about them even though I peruse my boys clothes inspiration board often. Fortunately, my friend Abby (who made this amazing owl sweater knitting pattern) made some for her Henry and totally inspired me to make some for my Henry.
    I used a shirt I've had for years that my brother got in Italy about ten years ago. It has random paint-like splotches all over it. I added cuffs because the pants were too tight at the ankle, and I had to cut that part off. I kept the front pocket and showed Henry how to use a pocket; he was mesmerized! My friend used a solid shirt and stenciled sailboats all over it. Both pant are harem style pants with skinny legs.
    Since both boys are named Henry we call them big Henry and baby Henry so there isn't any confusion. They even call each other that! At least big Henry gave a great smile for the picture unlike baby Henry.
    I asked them to stand next to each other for a picture and baby Henry folded his arms.
    I can't get enough of this face! Luckily, he's in the stage where he gives lots of kisses! And he rarely leaves the apartment without some sort of hat on. 


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    One of my husband's hobbies is college football, and I'm actually pretty excited to have my boys watching college football together this Fall. I realized that Henry did have any BYU, our alma mater, shirts so I quickly remedied that just in time for college football to open up this weekend. He even played with the ball for these photos!
    I know Henry won't understand much, but he'll love soaking up time with my husband and he can always pick out the football on the TV.
    I got this vintage shirt from one of our friend's who dressed up to make fun of BYU last year for Halloween. (He goes to the rival school where we are for law school.) He didn't know what he was going to do with it after so I asked if I could use it for Henry!
    I just cut up the shirt to make it little for Henry. I love the vintage sleeve stripes and purposely made them half sleeve length to go with the vintage vibe. I think it turned out great and will hopefully last through college basketball too!
    Duck face silliness!


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    I can't believe that yesterday was our four year wedding anniversary! It has been a wonderful four years. In the last four years we have finished both our bachelor's degrees, started and gotten through the first two years of law school, got pregnant and had Henry, and are now expecting our second child. Here's to many more years together!
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    The link with the most hits was Anthropology Knock-off by Lindsay Tailor. This one I love because she used one my tutorials! It makes me so happy that someone used one of my tutorials! Isn't her lace and stripes combination fabulous?
    Upholstery fabric shorts by Dandelion Drift
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  • The Bumblebee Tunic by House of Estrela
    Dress refashion by Navy Wifey Peters Aboard the USS Crafty
    If you've been featured, grab a button!


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    Every Monday I like to answer your sewing questions! Feel free to ask questions in the comments or email me. Also, if you know the answer to someone's question, go ahead and answer it. We're here to help each other learn about sewing! 
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    A couple of weeks ago, we went yard-saling, and I picked up some pretty purple, black, and white fabric. Once I got home and pulled it out, I realized it was a really soft, flowy, chiffon-like fabric, and it there was about three yards of it! I was so excited to make something with it. I started looking up chiffon items and wanted to make a beautiful chiffon maxi skirt, but I also wanted to make a flowy chiffon top. Since I had so much fabric, I thought of maybe making a chiffon maxi dress that was actually separates! What do you think of this idea? I made a simple maxi skirt and a simple a-line shirt.
    The skirt is a simple elastic waist, a-line skirt. I lined it with a light pink lining and sewed it to the chiffon fabric at the hem so that I wouldn't have to sew two hems. And I was trying to keep as much length as possible. I love this soft skirt because I can dress it up with my remo fernandes album free .
    I wanted a simple flowy top so that when it's tucked in to the skirt, it would give it a blouson effect. I just based it off of one of my other shirts. Luckily, it turned out great except that it's slightly tight around my arms. It is also a high-low hem which is my favorite to wear as a mom!
    I would say this is my first time I can say I successfully did bias binding and am happy with the result. The top is fully lined so I didn't have to finish any edges except the neck, and I did the same technique on the hem by sewing the lining to the chiffon fabric. The day after I finished the shirt, I remembered that I wanted to do a keyhole in the back! How could I forget the best detail! Oh well, I might go back to put one in eventually.
    If you don't want to draft a shirt pattern, I found five great shirt patterns that would work really well.
    Bow Front Top
    Top with Shoulder Tabs
    Pleated Blouse
    Seafarer Top Pattern
    Casual Lady


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    I fell in love with this edged button up shirt I saved on Pinterest. I realized it was a super simple refashion that could be done to any button up shirt. I did use a men's shirt so I had some fitting to do, but if you have a shirt that fits well you could use that!
    Button up shirt
    Marking tool
    Bias binding (homemade or store bought)
    Sewing Supplies

    1. I wanted curved peter pan collars and matching curved sleeve cuffs. I used a cup to round the corners of each.
    2. Cut off the excess.
    3. I'm not going to teach you how to use bias binding; there are lots of tutorials you can find online. I will give some tips for finishing the edges though. Sew on the one side and leave about an 1" past the bottom of shirt.
    4.  Fold the middle fold the wrong way, but leave the sides folding the right way.
    5. Sew across at the edge of the shirt.
    6. Turn right side out.
    you're beautiful
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  • 7. Poke the corner out and the sew down the other side.
    8. To finish the binding of the cuff just fold the raw edge over so it will be enclosed inside the binding.
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